Lisa Borgatti is a high school Chemistry and Environmental Science teacher and curriculum developer for the CATE project. Her passion for sustainability and climate change education was ignited when she examined ice core data at the Churchill Northern Studies Center in 2004 for several weeks. At the Governor’s Academy, she serves as the chair of the sustainability committee, the director of the agriculture and sustainability program, and works with her students to raise and study the development of endangered Blanding Turtles in the classroom. Lisa was recognized by Trout Unlimited for working to facilitate student macroinvertebrate survey and water quality testing in local ecosystems. She is also a Half-Ambassador for the E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Organization where she works as a biodiversity curriculum author. She holds a BA and M.Ed. in Science Curriculum Development from The University of Massachusetts where her thesis work reflected engaging students in sustainable thinking in project-based learning.

Lisa currently resides in Newbury, MA during the school year and spends her summers in a tiny house in northern Vermont with her family. As a result of her work in sustainability, she has made conscious efforts to minimize her impact on food systems by raising her own produce and sourcing protein from wild places. She has led her students on trips to Blue Creek Village in Belize to experience the practices they have studied in the classroom. When she isn’t enjoying her time in the classroom and beyond you can find her on the back of her horse in the mountains of the North East Kingdom with her dogs running behind.