Kathryn Teissier du Cros is a high school educator and curriculum developer for the CATE project. Sustainability has been a theme throughout her career. She has served as a sustainability coordinator for a 4,000-acre California vineyard and a teaching assistant in environmental management at the Harvard Extension School. In Newton MA, where she has taught since 2014, she pioneered a sustainability curriculum. She is a member of the Green Newton Schools Connection, and the Sustainability Working Group. She holds BA and MA degrees from Simmons University and a Masters in sustainability from Harvard as a recipient of the Lowell Teacher’s Scholarship.

Kathryn grew up in rural New Hampshire in a second-generation Italian-American family that fostered a love of fresh local produce and animated political debate. She developed a passion for sustainability after living in France, where she discovered the pleasure of walkable communities, multi-generational living, efficient public transportation, and a resource-conscious lifestyle.  She lives in a fossil-fuel-free home and frequently rides her e-bike to work. She regularly travels overseas with her students, and believes that being an educator is an act of selfish-altruism: you give a lot but often benefit even more.